Monitoring of food for safety and quality has been the chief concern of scientists all around the world and that’s where Food Analytical Chemistry play a very important role. It covers all aspects of development, optimization, implementation and validation of the composition and structure of food to ensure quality and safety.

Food analysis is the science of determining quantitatively the composition of food products, food ingredients, and food product intermediates in processing operations. Food analysis is a direct application of quantitative chemistry. The results of food analysis are used in quality assurance and quality control applications that influence decision making, food database comparisons, food product development, marketing decisions, monitoring chemical changes during processing, and to satisfy government rules and regulations, and/or international standards.

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Today, food is considered not only a source of energy but also an affordable way to prevent future diseases. It has become clear in recent years that food safety is a worldwide challenge. There has been an alarming increase in food safety incidents over the past few years in industrialized countries including a number of high profile food safety scares. We OCEANAA test all the inputs we are using in the hatchery and farm and make sure the shrimp is not having any antibiottic residue which is globally banned.

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