Food microbiology deals in the study of microorganisms that contaminate the food which are the cause of major diseases especially if the food is improperly cooked or stored.

Keeping food safety in mind, this field of study focuses on the wide variety of microbes that have a beneficial as well as damaging effects on the quality of the food, posing a concern for public health. Numerous pathogens are readily transmitted through food, including bacteria and viruses. However, these microorganisms and their products can be used to fight these pathogenic microbes.

The most common and practiced mode of ensuring food safety is fermentation. The reason being that fermented products are a less hospitable breeding ground for microorganisms and thus extends the food’s shelf life. Apart from fermentation, the use of microbial produced biopolymers is also picking up in the food industry.

Testing of the ingredients and food products should be made mandatory and considered as a very pivotal role in the manufacturing and supply chain as contamination of the product can happen at any stage of production. To ensure food safety, various microbiological tests have been introduced and made mandatory at production and supply units. This way the risk of contamination can be examined on normal foods and major food poisoning outbreaks can be averted.

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