Males start reaching maturity at a weight of 20g, while females usually grow faster and bigger and reach this stage from 28g. The matured male and female brood stocks are reared for about 20-25 days in holding tanks to recover from transport stress & to adopt climate change. They are feed with worms, Squids, Oysters supplemented with feed additives.

The imported SPF broodstock male and female will be maintained separately and are fed with red worms, squids, oysters etc. for a week. After one week one eye of the female will be cut off and this technique is known as eye stalk ablation. After ablation it will be free for developing the eggs. The eye stalk ablation is done to induce the hormones so that it develops the eggs faster.After 5 days the female that carries the eggs will be shifted shifted to the males’ tank by 9 A.M. and around 6 P.M. in the evening the female that carries the sperm will be transferred to the spawning tank while the rest of the females are shifted again to the females’ tank.


Water treatment

Brood stock management


Eye stalk ablation



It is being found that at the beginning and ending of the molting cycle, they suspend ingestion partially or completely.

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