The physiological processes that occur in microorganisms have always been of the interest with scientists and the study of these processes in a molecular level is known as molecular microbiology. Molecular methods have been growing in popularity among scientists as detection, characterization and diagnosis of fastidious, nonviable or non-cultivable microorganisms have become much easier when compared to conventional culture techniques.

The program for molecular biology is designed to provide an intensive exposure to the theoretical concepts and experimental techniques of molecular biology. A focus on molecular biology, therefore, provides an excellent preparation for a wide range of advanced studies including basic research, medicine, bioengineering, and biotechnology

Instruments & Machineries Used


Gel documentation system

Laminar air flow hood Labconco USA


Molecular microbiology techniques have been instrumental in the development of new genetically engineered vaccines and can provide rapid and accurate data, potentially improving clinical outcomes. These techniques have been helpful in the identification of any virus which is more harmful to the shrimp. By this we detect the virus in the parental shrimps and remove them from the population which will help in producing virus free shrimp seeds.

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