The females start laying eggs in the spawning tank. Around 6 A.M. in the morning, all the females will be shifted to the females’ tank.


The eggs will begin to hatch around 12 P.M. and the entire eggs are hatched out by 4 P.M. the same day. The next day all the hatched out young ones i.e. Nauplii will be transferred to the Larval Rearing Tanks.


When the water is turbid, installation of a filtering screen and sand filter unit becomes necessary. The filter chamber may be constructed adjoining the holding tank. There are two types of filter systems: (a) gravity filter where water is pumped into the filter chamber over the surface of the filter bed and allowed to pass through the filter material by gravity to the holding chamber which is located under the filter chamber and (b) reversing filter where water is pumped directly to the space under the filter chamber and pumped upward through the filter to the surface and on to the holding tank. In both systems, the filter chamber usually contains either white sand, charcoal, gravel, or all the three as filter material. The advantage of the reverse system is that water pass slowly through the filter material and the whole surface area of the filter is utilized. It is easy to backwash by spraying water from the surface of the filter and the detritus underneath are easily washed out.


Water treatment

Brood stock management


Eye stalk ablation



Special precautions are taken to reduce the bacterial/pathogen contamination that could affect the nauplii. The environment should be maintained so as to optimize the conditions for growth, survival and health of the brood stock.

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